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Energy poverty, until when?

December 6th 2015, flags did not were rise at half-mast. They should have done it in Rosa’ memory. An old lady that have died three weeks before in a fire. It started from some candles that lighted her after the electricity supplier disconnected her from the grid because she did not pay some bills.

The Spanish Electric Sector Act lets the electricity supplier to interrupt the electricity provision for debts. The economic crisis that hit very hard family incomes and public resources, multiplied non-payments.

The Spanish central government, overwhelmed by the denominated tariff deficit, difference between the electricity sector incomes and costs, was ready to invoke that its legal capabilities were invaded by the autonomous communities; but reluctant to exercise them and laying down its own solutions. In this way, the central government short-circuited the autonomic attempts to postpone the power interruptions, as the winter truces from Catalan legislation, that the European directives set as a possibility and that different member states apply. The electricity suppliers argued that the word “energy” was an adjective for the noun poverty and that to fight against that is the real solution and that it is a public responsibility. For all these reasons, the attempts to set effective warning mechanisms to detect risk situations, got shipwrecked.

Since then, we have, as so many times happen, good and bad news.The good one is Read the rest of this entry »

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