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Fiscal investments: a journey against globalization

The silhouette of a large-sized liner, with flag of convenience, sailing as a luxury touring residence of billionaires without physical relationship with any State that would tax their incomes, was the protagonist of an article of fiction that I read 20 years ago. I had not thought again in the great transatlantic until has reminded me the alarm bells rang in Washington by a rush of so-called fiscal investments of U.S. companies: purchases of one company by other to shift its headquarters to the jurisdiction of lower taxation of that acquired After Pfizer tried, without success, take control by 69.4bn of British AstraZaneca, took place the purchase by Burger King of the Canadian Tim Hortons by 11.4 bn. Also, the announcement by Mediatronic (a group of medical instrumentation) that will purchase by 42.9 bn Covidien, based in Dublin.  And that from AbbVie, (a pharmaceutical), that she will do the same with UK Shire by 54bn. All these deals have given rise to a rare consensus between Democrats and Republicans on the need to take measures to put difficulties to this run away of, in the words of President Obama, tax deserters. Read the rest of this entry »

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