Archivo del Mayo, 2014

Not only fences

To contain the migratory flow between geographical areas with a spread of GDP per capita of 40 to 1 (Europe to Africa) is not easy. Even for an institution with accredited professionalism as the “Guardia Civil”. However, to say as some Spanish authority that to reach a Spanish beach is not enter in Spain, seems more an argument for a “Twilight zone” episode that the foundation of a sensible policy.

Faced with dramatic deaths, our society focuses on legal and technical issues, as if the rules have been correctly applied or if it is necessary to change them, or if we have a small enough mesh fences. It is necessary to ask for clear performance protocols and if there aren’t, clarify responsibilities; but where is the responsibility of the European Union Institutions, of which Spain is a member, in front of a migratory flow that Europe has helped to create, that doesn’t care enough and, therefore, remains in the hands of various mafia?. Read the rest of this entry »

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