Gateway to Asia. An arbitrator in Singapore (I).

If someone were to tell you that this ship was headed for Singapore, what would you say? Well, I could not wait to embark on such a journey!. My disbelief before that opportunity was comparable to that of Anne Darrow when she was asked the same question in the film King Kong. However, this was no movie and I am no beautiful actress. And yet, South East Asia was my next port of call since I had been appointed junior arbitrator in the 12th International Maritime Arbitration Mootcourt. I was equally thrilled and scared at the prospect.

I did not sail with the S.S Venture, but flew with Qatar airways over the north of the Italian peninsula and a myriad of Aegean islands; across the dark vastness of Saudi Arabia and India, as well as the clearness of the Andaman Sea and the Straits of Malacca.

9500 Km away from home and 23 and half hours later I landed at Changi airport. Just one quick look around the magnificence of the arrival terminal was sufficient to confirm that Singapore was swimming in wealth and had money to burn. I am welcomed by hilariously spacious waiting rooms, and corridors beyond elegant which would have been unthinkable 50 years ago. As the main British naval base in the Far East it had neither the prospect nor the aspiration for nationhood until the collapse of the European power in the aftermath of World War II. Today,  the Lion City can still not rival with the monuments we have in the Old Continent, but you can feel that this place is preparing itself to write the history of the future. And a bright one, at that. Singapore has had to sing 4 national anthems: Britain´s God save the Queen , Japan´s Kimigayo, Malaysias’s Negara Ku and finally the national Majulah Singapura. Singapore, to me, is not only a survivor, but a trailblazer. History has shaped the character of the its 5 million inhabitants who have been capable of building skyscrapers in the astonishingly short period of 2 years which glitter and beam at night time, alongside a port that has a life of its own and a Business District en par with London New York and Tokyo. Somehow, I feel surrounded by talent and perseverance. My mind flashes to Prince Sihanouk. He was a film director, scryptwriter, and actor.  Maybe, Singapore really is a movie set. The cameras are about to roll.

Meritxell Burcet Sendrós. Estudiant de 4rt.

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  1. Brillant. Un primer capítol de les experiències d’una alumna de quart que va participar com a àrbitre, malgrat la seva edat, en una competició internacional entre universitats on se simulava un plet arbitral on calia aplicar dret marítim, l’especialitat jurídica que més atrau a la Srta. Burcet. A Singapur. Una manera de posicionar ESADE a un dels racons del món més potents del moment. Un text breu i clar, demostrant les visions globals que es poden tenir es de Barcelona quan un té les idees ben posades.